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JUNE 4, 1945


While the Soviets were searching the village of Deviatnyky, Novi Strilyshchany raion, Drohobych oblast, they discovered an underground bunker which had its entrance in Fylypovksyis stable. Because the occupants of the bunker did not want to surrender, poisonous gas grenades and rockets were thrown into the bunker. The bunker was then dug up and from it were taken eight unconscious persons, seven men and one woman. They were returned to consciousness by doctors, except for one, who died. According to the testimony of Dmytro Susyk and Mykola Fylypovskyi, the persons in the bunker were:

(1) "Arkadiy," krai propaganda section head;

(2) "Kremin," died, UPA command representative;

(3) "Vyrovyi," "Arkadiys" assistant;

(4) "Gontar," personal guard;

(5) "Ihor," materiel management and [health?] section head;

(6) "Mariyka," "Arkadiys" wife, typist;

(7) Susyk, guard;

(8) Fylypovskyi, owner of the house where the bunker was located. Also retrieved from the bunker were seven machine guns, seven pistols, a rifle, five grenades, six spyglasses and three typewriters. A large quantity of OUN documents and literature were found in the bunker, as well as rubber stamps and forms of Soviet institutions.

There were also 28,210 rubles and 55 American dollars.

The arrested persons and documents were handed over to the NKVD operational group in Lviv. "Kremins" body was buried.

The record was signed by

the commander of the 17th brigade of NKVD internal troops, Lt. Col. Bronberg,

the representative of the Ukrainian SSR NKVD, Lt. Col. Kaganovych and

operation headquarters chief Lysenko.

Issue 1,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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