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The document reprinted here are the minutes of a hearing held on August 1, 1945, relating to the UHVR. P. Duzhyi was an eminent OUN activist. From March 1945, he was propaganda section head of the western Ukrainian krai leadership, KP ZUZ, and from November, the OUN Leadership propaganda section head and a member of the editorial board of the journal Ideya i chyn and other central OUN publications. In response to questions about the UHVR Presidium, the prisoner gave the following information. He knows that the Presidium is com posed of representatives from the OUN, UNDO, Radicals, the UNR and the Hetman party. He guesses that the OUN representatives to the UHVR are "Volodymyr", "Ivaniv", "Ulas" and Mykola Lebid, and the UPA representatives, Roman Shukhevych, "Perebyinis", "Lytsar" and "Kremin", because they are the most influential people in these circles.

From discussions with "Tur" and "Zrub", he found out that most of the Presidium was supposed to remain in Ukraine and direct the struggle, and only a few were supposed to go abroad for diplomatic work. However, most went abroad and for that reason, there is very little UHVR activity in the underground. He thinks that non-OUN members, who are older people, were simply afraid to remain under the Soviets.

The prisoner consistently maintained that his brother, Mykola, was not a member of the UHVR Presidium. Mykola never mentioned to him that he was a UHVR member. He could not explain the fact that Mykola signed UHVR documents. However, Mykola regarded R. Shukhevych as a superior along the UPA chain of command, and not as a subordinate, so he could not be a UHVR member. As the main UHVR representative, P. Duzhyi named Roman Shukhevych.

The hearings were conducted by Captain Zazymko, deputy director of the Investigation Sectio.

Issue 1,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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