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Vsevolod Pshepiurskyi:

What I Know about the Outcome of the Hrubeshiv Action


Vsevolod Pshepiurskyi ("Ikar"), a member of the regional SB, did not take part in the attack on Hrubeshiv, but describes what he heard from others. Sgt. Major Hryts Rudenko ("Sushko") told him that he twice fired rockets at the NKVD barracks, hitting the target each time. If the rockets did not completely destroy the building, they seriously damaged it. Sgt. Major Yevhen Yashchuk ("Duda") said that one rocket hit the south side of the building. SB member "Ostap's" intelligence estimated the NKVD killed in the barracks at 80 soldiers. "Levko" told the author about the attack on the UBP. A squadron of "Yasen's" combat group helped "Mlot" storm the building. Together with the WiN, they broke inside the freed 25 prisoners. WiN soldiers shot UBP workers on the spot. Three rocket shells were put into the burning building and blew it up. The WiN subunit commanded by "Szczerbaty" took and demolished the PPR building and shot the party members present. The post office was also taken ("Khoma's" SB combat group) and documents and letter were removed, but the installations were not destroyed. "Ostap's" SB combat group did not take the building of the deportation commission, because a well-armed group defended it. The WiN attack on the MO and headquarters had a similar outcome. The SB combat group commanded by "Bahrianyi" prematurely withdrew from guarding the Kholm bridge. For this reason, during their retreat, the "Vovky 1" unit engaged in crossfire with a WP reconnoitering party, during which a WOP major (the author writes "captain") and two soldiers were killed, and on the Ukrainian side, squadron leader "Peremoha" was wounded. Subsequently, "Mlot" and the super-raion SB combat group had a skirmish there and they sustained losses.

About the action in the Terebinka forest, the author writes that about 40 NKVD soldiers were killed, as well as 60 from the Polish formations. In Hrubeshiv, the enemy lost about 200 soldiers. (All this information is greatly exaggerated). The UPA and SB combat group losses were seven killed.

Issue 5,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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