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Harasymiak Theodor: Co-Operation in the Tomashiv District, December 12, 1945 (Summary)

The first meeting between our representatives Teodor Harasymiak ("Dunaysky", "Ravych") and "Kosar" and two Polish representatives (not named in the Ukrainian report) from the Tomashiv district took place in some village near the town of Uhniv on December 6, 1945. Polish delegate, were referred to by the letters "X" and "Z", the place of the meeting by the letter "O" (Probably, Olhivok village).
Although it was agreed that there existed many areas of conflict which required improvement, both sides expressed good will and a sincere desire to improve the situation. During the first meetings we settled the matters of local interest, thus normalizing relations between the Polish and Ukrainian populations. For example, trade and civilian contacts were revived.
WiN representatives informed us about communist set-ups and local MO headquarters which came under their influence, and they used this influence to stop persecution of the Ukrainian population. MO units under direct communist control -Zabuzhzha and Khrystynopil -should be dispersed by Ukrainian underground forces. A WP -Wojsko Polskie-battalion stationed in Hrubeshiv was under WiN control and its soldiers were very correct in their dealings with our population.
They do not provide full information on the matters that were raised, stating only that issues concerned with stopping "banditism" and communist intelligence activities were discussed.
The UPA had shortages of certain medications, uniforms and ammunition for its captured Soviet-made machine guns. The WiN promised some supplies; more would be obtained as soon as the WiN established contact with the Polish black market, where all necessities could be obtained for cash.
According to Polish delegates, it was also quite evident that a formal treaty was soon to be made between the Ukrainian and Polish underground. The purpose of this meeting was to increase local co-operation.


Yevhen Shtendera, 1977

Issue 5,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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