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This Register lists more than 3,100 names of the leading activists of the Ukrainian armed resistance active in 1942-1954. Each entry is limited to one line per person. It gives this data: (1) identification -pseudonym(s), first and last name, (2) function, rank and area of activity, and (3) period of activity - by years, when the given person was performing his function. Noted also are missing data still waiting for identification or clarification. This Register first appeared in Ukrainian in two books by Petro R. Sodol, titled Ukrainian Insurgent Army, 1943-49. Book of Reference (1994) and in his Second Book of Reference under the same title (1995; with Errata), both published by "Proloh" (New York, NY). The two parts of this Register, now somewhat reworked, appear here compiled as a whole, incorporating all errata and relevant corrections.

The Register is a result of research carried over many years in the archives of Ukraine and those in the West, as well as directly from source accounts given by hundreds of its active participants and eye witnesses of the armed struggle. However, it is still not fully complete since the author succeeded to uncovered but the barest of facts about many of its subjects. We request, therefore, that all former members of the armed struggle and those researching the history of the UPA send all pertinent information or biographical data to either our "Litopys" or directly to the Register's author-compiler. All factual data will be integrated into this Register or will be included in biographical entries on members of the armed struggle.

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Issue 1,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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