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Yevhen Shtendera


We have just crossed a historic treshhold and have entered the Third Millennium.

The most important accomplishments of the 20th Century are in the development of the compiutor technology and of the Internet. This is being hailed as a new and worldwide revolution in human activity and communication. Computers can now control the most complicated industrial production processes, while a connection to the Internet can be made within just fractions of a second and anable information to be send to another side of our planet. Some predict that soon there will be not need for libraries, newspapers, theatres, movie houses and other institutions, that all will be replaced by the computor and Internet.

Ukraine finds itself clearly among those on the inside of this revolution. Over the span of its newly regained independence the use of computers has grown substantially in all aspects of the life, with wide access to the Internet. Those active in certain fields who wish to safegard their success make it a point to benefit direcly from the wide possibilieties offered by this new technology.

We too have decided to put to our use this computer-driven technology in leading research centered on the history of the UPA and on general historical issues of that period. With this in mind we have started up this electronic magazine, titled "Litopys: Forum for Studies of the History of the UPA". This magazine will publish documents, research materials and memoirs pertaining to the history of the UPA, and will provide its readers with an editorial section, serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas touching on scholarly research and other current related issues.

The format of a magazine is very useful since a single issue can present material on various themes. Important and interesting, newly discovered documents, research work or memoirs can, therefore, be instantly accessible. They will not have to wait for years to see the light of day in print selected by topic or category. For example, material published in the first issues of our "Litopys" - the letters of Kyrylo 0smak, President of the UHVR; the Minutes taken at the founding assembly of the UHVR, as well as Karpo Mykytchuk's memoir of his experiences as an delegate to and with the Italian resistance - all these works of historical importance have remained hidden for many years now, waiting to be published in the "Litopys UPA" series as part of the next UHVR-dedicated volume. Our "Litopys" magazine, in contrast, makes it possible to publish them at once. Also included in our Issues 1 and 2 is the "Register of UPA Officers, Leaders of the OUN and Members of the UHVR", a re-worked listing based on the com pilation published by Petro R. Sodol some years ago. It numbers over three thousand entries, providing the most essential data on each given person - the pseudonym(s), true first and last name, rank, function, area and period of activity. It will be of great help to researchers, since it presents a true wealth of information. Our later issues will flesh it out even more, expanding the base of this and similar reference material.

The economic aspect of an ink-and-paper venture is of no minor importance. The printing of a research publication in book form is quite expensive and time consuming. Its material requires extensive research and preparation for print, then comes paper, the printing itself, then bookbinding and mailing - all tied to growing costs and organizational efforts. Its collaborating researchers/authors/writers must depend on those with deep pockets. An electronic magazine, on the other hand, will have no need tor such expences. Its production is simpler, costs will be smaller, with no need to pay for administrative expenses, postage or distribution.

The aim of our "Litopys" is to be of interest to researches and readers in Ukraine and worldwide. Its pages will be open to the English-language reader as well by including some materials in it, while others will be translated or have a resume in English. The magazine is accessible free of charge, and our hope is that those with means will do agree to support it or even become patrons of this "Litopys".

Yevhen Shtendera, Editor-in-chief

Issue 1,    Winter 2000    Litopys
Published by Forum for the Studies of the History of the UPA
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